NEW Client 30-day 4 Class Pack....$39

(NEW clients only, one-time offer only)

Single Class....$25

30-day 4 Class Pack....$90

30-day 8 Class Pack....$150

30-day 12 Class Pack....$165

Unlimited 30-day Class Pack....$199

All Package Deals expire 30 days from first class.

Please be mindful of our 12 HOUR Cancellation/No Show policy to prevent being charged for the session.

A $15 No Show Fee applies to Unlimited Class Packs.


CORE Reformer

A full body workout on the Reformer with intermediate repertoire and introducing some advanced repertoire.  The Reformer is a pulley- system equipment.  It has a carriage that has connecting springs with various tension settings.  There are lots of modifications to make every exercise attainable.

CORE Springs

A unique blend of Reformer and Springwall. This is an intermediate workout, but also recommended for beginners with no serious injuries.  Springwall works with the actual springs and is great to help balance out the body with unilateral work.  There are lots of modifications to make every exercise attainable.


MAT Class
This class is offered in-person, as well as Virtual (via Google Duo).  Enjoy a workout on the mat that is versatile no matter where you are.  This workout focuses on the traditional Pilates Mat repertoire with added stretches and props.

Pilates 50-minute Private Sessions....$70

Pilates 25 minute Private Sessions....$40

For one individual.  Exercise program uniquely

designed to specifically meet your needs and

goals using Reformer, Springwall, Chair, and Props.

Pilates Semi-Private Class....$35 per person
For you and up to 10 friends that are looking for

a closed class that is not open to the public.  These

semi-private classes are designed specifically to

meet your needs and goals working out on the

Reformer, Springwall, and Props.  50 minutes

12 Hour Cancellation/No Show Policy....Please cancel at least 12 hours in advance to prevent being charged for the session.

$15 No Show Fee....For those with Unlimited Packs, please cancel before the class starts to prevent being charged a $15 fee.


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